About the Owner

Whitney M, CEO

Growing up in the small town of Marshville, NC, Whitney learned the importance of hard work and being resourceful. These factors has been the core foundation behind her success. Whitney’s entrepreneurial spirit was apparent from a young age. In high school, she was well-known for having a “Locker Boutique”, selling everything from candy to custom bandannas. She brought this same mentality to NC State, where she earned a spot on the track & field team as a result of winning the high school state championship. After a few years, Whitney decided that college was not where her heart was, and left to pursue a career more suited to her natural talents.  She relied on her faith to propel her into her next opportunity; not realizing her faith would also serve as the catalyst for Proverbs Clothing Company, a faith-based apparel company started in 2012. With Proverbs thriving and gaining traction, Whitney invested in screen-printing equipment and began printing t-shirts. Though Whitney was happy about the local success, she felt her brand should be introduced to a larger market. She then sought out vending opportunities throughout NC and even Georgia, by facilitating pop-up shops, attending special events, and shopping mall vending opportunities. The latter opportunity has been so successful, that General Managers have reached out to discuss incorporating Proverbs as a permanent fixture in their retail communities. Today, Whitney continues to be the only employee of Proverbs, continuing to pursue her passion while boldly walking the path God has set before her.