About Proverbs Culture

Proverbs Culture is a faith-based initiative dedicated to renewing minds and transforming lives. We believe that the world can be introduced to Christ through an inclusive culture that blends modern spirituality with the prayers of our ancestors. Our products are for purchase, but the message is free. 
At Proverbs, we are more than just a business. We are movers and shakers for God; sharing with the world our belief that "Christ is still cool."  Every Proverbs purchase helps us spread the good news that Christ can be found wherever you seek Him. It's also pretty cool that 10% of our net profits are allocated to charity. 
We are witnesses in all we do; so when it's time to represent Him through our brand, we do it loud and proud! Proverbs commits to continually developing trendy design concepts that lets others know that we are 'bout that Christ!'
This one's for the culture!